Doctoral Studies at the BGSH

Graduates who wish to carry out their doctoral studies at the BGSH, must be matriculated as a doctoral student of history at the Philosophical-Historical Faculty of the University of Basel and have a primary or secondary tutor who is a member of the BGSH. Submission of an application is a prerequisite for admission.

The doctoral studies programme at the BGSH follows the guidelines for faculty doctoral studies (fakultäre Promotionsordnung) dated 2/3/2017. The independent development of a thesis lies at the centre of the doctoral studies course.

While completing their doctorate, members of the BGSH will also perform curricular tasks to gain a total of 18 credit points (CP).  These are as follows:

    a) Participation in conferences, workshops, colloquiums etc., with or without the presentation of a personal paper
    b) Organising conferences, workshops working groups etc.
    c) Participation in soft skill courses
    d) Academically- orientated occupational internships.

For general information on the doctoral studies programme, please visit the websites of the Philosophical-Historical Faculty and of the Graduate Center (GRACE) of the University of Basel.


Guidelines (German)
of the Basel Graduate School of History

Guidelines to doctoral studies (German)
of the Philosophical-Historical Faculty

Regulations for doctoral studies (German)
of the Philosophical-Historical Faculty



Doctoral Agreement (German)
Form of the Basel der Graduate School of History

Regulations (German)
of the Basel Graduate School of History

Admitting form (German)
of the Basel der Graduate School of History