BGSH scholarships

The Basel Graduate School of History (BGSH) regularly offers 1-year starter scholarships. These are intended to support scholars while they develop a research project which is then used to apply for multiannual follow-up financing programmes from the Swiss National Science Foundation, or other funding institutions. The aim is to provide academically promising graduates with a degree in History with targeted support during the initial phase of their doctorate, so integrating them into the BGSH and securing new research academics for Basel. 

Information on current submissions

Holders of a starter scholarship

Name First Name
Angenlahr Theresa
Criscione Luca
Jenkel Lisa
Steffenino Teresa
Wullschleger Tabea

Former holders of a starter scholarship

Name First Name
Angehrn Céline
Aschwanden Romed
Baumeister Miriam
Benkert Davina
Boehi Melanie Eva
Burri Jennifer
Calvi Sonia
Cordin Carla
De Caprio Anna Magdalena
Feigk Matthäus
Freiermuth Samardžić Nadine
Frey Laura
Graf Andrea
Grogan Patrick
Guyer Nanina
Hagmann Sarah
Hähnle Mirjam
Hammel Tanja
Hänggi Yves
Hasselmann Anne
Herzog Kai Florian
Hettstedt Daniela
Isler Simona
Jeske Martin
Leyrer Anna
Mijnssen Ivo
Musterle Claus
Ngwenya Brian
Pursche Robert
Rieben Rhea
Roy Charlotte
Ruegge Linus
Ryser Dorothee
Schmid Sabrina
Schneider Flavia
Schwizer Fabienne
Seydi Ousmane
Sonnack Patrick
Süess Patrik
Suter Anja
Tranter Maria
Truong Dinh An Lac
Vogt Aline
Wedl Alexandra
Wettengel Julian
Yersin Séveric
Zimmermann Julian