CANCELLED: Temporal objects. Ancient Artefacts and historical notions of time in transepochal perspective - 12.-13.6.2020

International Workshop

What historical times do ruins represent? Why do historical actors want to date ancient relics? How do signs of decay influence the value of an object?These are questions of our conference that aims to discuss the crucial role of ancient objects as bearers of temporal concepts. Therefore, the congress brings together studies on memory practices and research on the perception of time in a historical perspective. We want to discuss how ancient objects were associated with specific epochs and historic periods and which narratives and ideas of time were outlined based on these objects. Thus, researchers from different historical eras and different disciplinary perspectives are brought into dialogue with each other. The conference also aims to stimulate a more intensive cooperation between ‘Basel junior researchers’ of the BGSH and the DBAW.

The workshop is organised by BGSH mebers Mirjam Hähnle and Julian Zimmermann.

When and where?

Friday, 12.6.2020 and Saturday, 13.6.2020

Further details will be announced here.


Please register no later than 29 May 2020 via this form.

For doctoral students of the University of Basel aiming to achieve 1 ECTS point: additionally via MOnA.