The Basel Graduate School of History

The Basel Graduate School of History (BGSH) offers a structured graduate studies programme in historical sciences, aimed at successfully attaining doctoral degrees. Our PhD students work on innovative research projects in the areas of Middle ages and Renaissance, Early Modern, Modern and Contemporary History, African History, Eastern European History and Gender History more


Data Sheets, eine Welt unendlicher Möglichkeiten. Fortgeschrittene Excelkenntnisse als Instrument historischer Forschung - 1.3./8.3./15.3.2018 more
Lokal, regional, national, global... Über die Verortung historischer Forschungsgegenstände - 22.-23.03.2018 more
Oral history: methods, challenges and current debates - 12.-13.04.2018 more
Textanalyse in der historischen Forschung: Anregungen aus der Literaturwissenschaft - 19.-20.04.2018 more


Conference of Ousmane Seydi: Scientific knowledge on Africa more
New starter scholarships more
Alan Canonica schliesst seine Promotion ab more