Laura Ritter is new BGSH coordinator

Freiburg historian is succeeding Roberto Sala

We are pleased to announce that Laura Ritter will take up the position of coordinator of the Basel Graduate School of History by mid-August 2018. We would like to thank Roberto Sala for his many years of service. He has been hired by the Zurich University of Teacher Education as head of the administrative services at the Prorectorate Research and Development.

Laura Ritter studied history, East Slavic philology and economic policy in Freiburg im Breisgau. She subsequently was a researcher in the DFG Research Training Group "Friends, Patrons and Clients" and at the Chair of Eastern European History. As a long-time coordinator of the DAAD project "Bachelor Plus" at the Slavic Seminary, she has relevant experience in scientific management.

In her dissertation "Chronicle of Three Lives" she examined the life of Aleksej von Lampe, who fought as a convinced monarchist in the civil war against the Bolsheviks and emigrated from Russia to Berlin after the defeat of the White movement in 1920. His detailed diary, which he wrote from 1919 to 1965, is a unique chronicle of the Russian emigrant colony in Berlin.