Anne Huijbers

Visiting Scholar

Frühe Neuzeit


Zealots for Souls, Stars in Sanctity. Dominican Narratives of Self-Understanding between Observant Reform and Humanism, c. 1388-1517

Zur Person

Anne Huijbers studied History at the University of Groningen and the Paris-Sorbonne University, and Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds. She wrote her dissertation at the Radboud University in Nijmegen as a member of the research project Religious Orders and Religious Identity Formation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe.


Intellectual history, medieval and Renaissance Italy, imperial ideas of Rome, historiography, processes of identity formation, humanism, religious orders and Observant reform.


From May to October 2015 Anne Huijbers is a visiting scholar at the University of Basel with a stipend of the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation, in order to study the as yet unpublished Vita fratrum predicatorum conventus Basiliensis et de reformatione eiusdem conventus (1442) by Johannes of Mainz (d. 1457). This text is not only a history of the Basel convent, its reform, and its exemplary Observant members, but also offers guidelines and instructions how to live a virtuous reformed and Observant life. With his narrative, Johannes of Mainz, the first lector of the reformed Basel friary, tried to establish an ‘Observant’ religion within the recently reformed community.


‘Observance as Paradigm in Monastic and Mendicant Order Chronicles’, in: Observant Reform in the Later Middle Ages and Beyond, ed. James Mixson and Bert Roest, Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition (forthcoming, to be published in 2015).

De viris illustribus ordinis praedicatorum. A “Classical” Genre in Dominican Hands’, Franciscan Studies 71 (2013), 297-324.