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Afrikanische Geschichte


From Berlin to Mozambique and back: Wilhelm Peters and transcultural knowledge production

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Since Sept. 2011: PhD candidate in the project “Science and Society in Southern Africa: A History” at the chair for African History, University of Basel. 2008-2010: Master of Arts in African Studies, University of Basel (Master thesis: “From `the native is the enemy of the forest` towards community-based natural resources management: A history of forest exploitation in Mozambique”). 2008: Semester abroad, study of history at the Eduardo Mondlane University Maputo, Mozambique. 2004-2007: Bachelor of Arts in History and Geography, University of Basel. 1997 – 2003: High School, Kantonsschule Sursee


Employment History

2011: Research Assistant at the “Statehood & Conflict” programme at Swiss Peace Foundation (swisspeace), Bern (including research in Mozambique within the research project "Devel-opment Myths in Practice: The "Feminization" of Anti-Poverty Policies and International Organisations. The cases of Brazil, the Philippines and Mozambique", funded by the Swiss Net-work for International Studies (SNIS), in collaboration with the University of Lausanne). 2009: Participative and archive research for the master thesis in Maputo and in the rural areas of Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique (collaboration with the Centre for Development and Environment, Bern and Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo). 2008: Internship at Solidarmed in Chiure, Mozambique. 2006: Internship at the Swiss Labour Assistance in Chimoio, Mozambique


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