A Paper Full of Things. The World of Goods in the Basel Avisblatt, 1729-1844

Anna Reimann

Eisengasse, Basel around 1838 (picture detail). StABS BILD 2, 1033.

The dissertation project examines the Basel Avisblatt - a local intelligencer published between 1729 and 1844 - as a platform for selling, buying, renting and exchanging consumer goods.

As a specific market informations, the advertisments placed in the intelligencer refer to (potential) economic transactions. The project investigates the consumer goods offered and sought in this way, their distribution and significance over the period under investigation, and the materials, qualities and prices described. Quantitative analysis of long-term economic developments are supplemented by thematic qualitative in-depth explorations to obtain a multi-layered picture of the circulation of local, supra-regional and global consumer goods in Basel.

The project thus examines the developments and dynamics of economic exchange and material culture in Basel through the lens of the Avisblatt and relates them to political and social transformation processes in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.