Academic English: Writing and Presenting in Historical Research - 19.10./16.11./7.12.

Workshop with Dr. Katherine Ebisch-Burton

This course, incorporating elements of a genre approach to academic writing in English as described and practised by Felicitas Macgilchrist, will discuss and provide practical support with common problems with academic writing in English faced by non-native speakers, particularly those with German as a first language. In line with this approach, we will be focusing on issues related to writing and presenting in English for academic purposes in accordance with participants‘ discipline-specific needs.


When and Where

Thu 19 October 2017 - Thu 16 November 2017 - Thu 7 December 2017: 9 am - 1.30 pm (coffee break 11.00-11.30 am). Department of History, Hirschgässlein 21, 4051 Basel, Seminar Room 2

After each session, Dr. Ebisch-Burton will be available for individual meetings ('clinic' for individual participants' work, Meeting Room, 3rd floor). Please contact her at to arrange an appointment and send her a text sample. Please register for the 'clinic' at least two weeks in advance of the seminar date (i.e. by 5 October for the first session).


Session 1: Academic Writing in English: Focus on awareness

- What/who are we writing for? A genre approach
- Where do English (historical) conventions differ?
- Learning to spot what’s good and what’s not
- Academic historiography and historical analysis: Study and commentary (example extracts)

Session 2: Academic Writing in English: Focus on practice 

- ‘Write like no-one’s reading’
- Structuring sentences: techniques
- Structuring paragraphs: techniques
- Usage: pitfalls and alternatives
- Editing/peer editing 

Session 3: Academic Presenting in English 

- From text/notes to speech (and back again)
- Transitions
- PowerPoint: how (not) to use it
- ‘Peer listening’ 

Please note: Purchase of Felicitas Macgilchrist (2014), Academic Writing (Schöningh/UTB; ISBN 978- 3825240875) would be useful but is not required. 


Originally from the UK, Katherine Ebisch-Burton is an academic editor and translator with experience in working on historical texts and has taught academic writing in English at various institutions and published her own research.


For all participants, no later than 29 September via this registration form.

For doctoral students of the University of Basel aiming to achieve 1 ECTS point: additionally via MOnA.