Experts and Expertise in Motion - 7th Graines Summer School, Charles University Prague - 12.-15.6.2019

Summer School des GRAINES Netzwerks in Prag

Ever since its establishment Transnational History, however loosely defined, has focused on connections, on flows of people, goods, ideas as well as processes, interconnections and exchange of information in its various forms, that strech over political and territorial borders. This process-oriented perspective challenges the notion of both the nation and the state as a principal historical category. It questions the binary concept between "centers" and "peripheries" with its single-direction relation. Futhermore, European history has become deeply involved in Global History, and expert networks or scientific transfers are there an important topic, too.

Following this perspective, the GRAINES summer school 2019 will engage with the multiple and multi-directional entanglements within and beyond the European continent around "experts" and "expertise in motion". Experts and expertise shape our modern world and societies, from technology to health care, to decision and policy-making around taxation, education, infrastructure or humanitarian action - to name just a few areas. Experts may work directly in or are associated with the state, yet they also operate beyond and below the state level. They may equally shift between the two, as intermediaries between civil society, science and research on the one hand, and state on the other. Experts often work in specific institutional settings that produce and provide expertise (e.g labs, universitites, think tanks, academies, learned socities, international organisations). Yet beyond such settings experts form and forge various forms of exchange and cooperation that sets expertise and expert knowledge in motion.

The summer school is organised by the Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prague, in cooperation with the Graduate Interdisciplinary Network for European Studies (GRAINES).

When and Where?

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 - Saturday, 15 June 2019, Charles University Prague.

Call for Papers

You can find the call for papers here.

The deadline is 20 February 2019.