CANCELLED: Following the Paper Trail. Archives, Sources and Skills in Transnational History. 8th GRAINES Summer School - 8.-10.6.2020

Summer School des GRAINES Netzwerks in St Andrews

Transnational history has firmly arrived in our field. Yet it has also undergone significant changes over the past 5-10 years. In a way it has changed from transnational to transnational. In other words, many earlier works in the field had a stronger focus on the national, national frameworks, or institutional starting points (such as Red Cross, NGOs, League of Nations, International Labour Organisation). While these are still active fields, an increasing number of scholars (including a younger generation of PhDs) emphasise the trans, i.e. following particular actors, businesses, markets and merchant networks, scientific connections, and commodities. While the latter often takes its starting point at a deliberately small scale, the archival paper trails pose a number of challenges in order to reconstruct connections across borders and between archives.

The rationale of this summer school is to discuss the archival practices and challenges in doing transnational history. Since the early 2000s a number of articles and books have discussed the methodological issues around transnational history along with its definition and remit (with regard to related fields, e.g. global history, comparative history, cultural transfers, histoire croisée). Much less has been done explicitly on the actual practice of transnational histories and the multiple challenges that come with it (to name a few: scattered sources, variety of archives, linguistic skills, digital skills). This summer school seeks to address these practical issues by a combination of practice-oriented workshop led by colleagues and PhD workshops.

When and where?

Monday, 8 June 2020 - Wednesday, 10 June 2020, University of St Andrews.


Further details will be announced here.

For doctoral students of the University of Basel aiming to achieve 1 ECTS point: additionally via MOnA.